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South Korea 

Kyungjin Blower Co., Ltd.
- Headquarters

Cheongneung-daero 353, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
T. +82 32 814 7100
F. +82 32 814 6327


Voltech International Inc.
239, Rue Des Menuisiers, St-Germain de Grantham,
Quebec , Canada, J0C 1K0.
T. +1-819-395-1133
F. +1-819-395-2400


KJ Japan co., ltd.
384-1Naganuki, Hadano-si, Kanagawa-ken,
Zip: 257-0024, JAPAN
T. +81-463-82-9611
F. +81-463-82-9612

M. +81-90-5776-2389


Air Blowers Industries SDN. HBD
Lot 14978, Batu 5, Jalan Nenas, Off Jalan Kebun,
Kampung Jawa, 42450, Klang, Malysia
T. +60-3-5162-2017
F. +60-3-5162-3135

United Arab Emirates

Al Emadi Airconditioning And Ref.
Equipment Co. (LLC)
P.O. BOX 232845, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
T. +9714-2589655
F. +9714-2589644






  • Incomplete state (surging area) minimized and use of range expanded by maximizing the benefits of sirocco fan and turbo fan
  • Higher air volume and static pressure maintained relative to the capacity of other company-produced motors, and with lower power consumption, efficiency of the blower maximized (patent application)
  • Easy installation and handling by implmenting light-weighted die-cast aluminum motor
  • As a squared structure, no restrictions in place as to set up
  • High-efficiency motors applied for all the models and as an enclosed structure, outdoor installation possible
  • Various materials available such as in stainless, plastic, steel and etc.

S-BLADE FANS – Kyungjin Blower

Models & Data ( Click to unfold)

ASF-304  Motor Power: 0.05kW (0.07HP)  Static Pressure: 206Pa (21mmAq)  Air Volume: 9.25m³/min
ASF-404  Motor Power: 0.20kW (0.27HP)  Static Pressure: 323Pa (33mmAq)  Air Volume: 26m³/min
ASF-504  Motor Power: 0.89kW (1.20HP)  Static Pressure: 578Pa (59mmAq)  Air Volume: 56m³/min
ASF-506  Motor Power: 0.29kW (0.40HP)  Static Pressure: 255Pa (26mmAq)  Air Volume: 40m³/min
ASF-604  Motor Power: 1.00kW (1.33HP)  Static Pressure: 657Pa (67mmAq)  Air Volume: 60m³/min
ASF-606  Motor Power: 0.33kW (0.44HP)  Static Pressure: 284Pa (29mmAq)  Air Volume: 40m³/min
ASF-704  Motor Power: 2.61kW (3.50HP)  Static Pressure: 1068Pa (109mmAq)  Air Volume: 90m³/min
ASF-706  Motor Power: 0.75kW (1.00HP)  Static Pressure: 431Pa (44mmAq)  Air Volume: 62m³/min
ASF-804  Motor Power: 3.50kW (4.70HP)  Static Pressure: 1156Pa (118mmAq)  Air Volume: 138m³/min
ASF-806  Motor Power: 1.18kW (1.57HP)  Static Pressure: 490Pa (50mmAq)  Air Volume: 90m³/min
ASF-906  Motor Power: 2.26kW (3.00HP)  Static Pressure: 608Pa (62mmAq)  Air Volume: 116m³/min